It is always a good idea to get more than one estimate for a construction project. We stand behind our product and are confident with our ability to best serve you. When you select a prospective pool company, check with the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if they are in good standings. 

Make sure to ask questions so there are no hidden fees which means they need to look at your property to properly assess it. It’s okay to ask to see a pool in person. Check for availablity. We give you our cell phone numbers so we keep communication a priority. We also make sure someone is checking each stage of construction to ensure you receive the quality our reputation is based off of. Lastly, ask how long they have been in business. We take great pride in the fact that we are the oldest swimming pool builder in Central Texas.

There are several different types of pools and what you choose really depends on your family’s needs and expectations. 

If you have young children, you may want to consider a pool with a larger shallow area for the kids and their friends to play in. 

If your children are older, you may be interested in purchasing a slide or diving board. 

If exercise is your goal, then a lap pool and spa would be appropriate for those early morning workouts and soaking afterward.

If you like to play volleyball, a sports pool is a great choice. Shallow on both ends and deeper in the middle works well for active water sports.

The options are endless and Crystal Clear Pools will work with you to design a pool that will fit your family’s life-style. Every design is completely custom and we are confident we can design the pool your family will love for years to come.

For swimming pools, size does matter. In order to have a pool, you must have at least eight feet of access to your backyard to ensure that our equipment can get in and out safely. We also have to keep in mind city regulations for easements, power lines, etc. This is why having an in person consultation is critical. Don’t worry. We are the experts and know what to look for. Our job is to design the perfect backyard oasis while meeting all city codes.

With the advances the manufacturers have made in pumps, filter systems, automatic cleaning systems and control systems, the time required to maintain a pool by the owner has drastically reduced over the years. Control systems can be programmed to turn on pumps, lights, landscaping lighting, spas, heaters and waterfalls. What used to take hours now takes mere minutes and don’t worry, we teach you everything you need to know. Owning a pool should be a pleasant experience and at Crystal Clear Pools we make that a reality for you.

Crystal Clear Pools offers equipment warranties on all installations. All pumps, filters, heaters, lighting systems, cleaning systems, and control systems carry very good manufacturer’s warranties of at least 3 years.

There is a one year workmanship warranty on your plumbing, brick, rock and tile work, and white plaster. Upgraded plaster has a longer warranty. We give you all your warranties in writing along with all applicable paperwork concerning your new pool upon competition.

The goal is for the entire process to take approximately 6 weeks, but everything in outdoor construction depends on weather. We will be in communication with you though so you won’t have to wonder what’s next.

We encourage you to call your local water company and ask how much you are charged per gallon. You can then figure out the approximate cost by multiplying the cost per gallon by the number of gallons of water your pool holds.

We currently work with select local lenders who can assist you with your financing needs. We can help you with the process. There are also convenient links on our website that you can click to get the process started today.

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