Pools are our passion! We believe in constructing beautiful pool and spa projects built with the finest quality materials, equipment and expert craftsmanship.  Each phase of construction will be personally supervised by the owners and members of upper management to ensure personal attention and quality control of your project.

With this being the first day of construction, it is an exciting one! First, we mark out and stake the custom design of your new pool and spa. We strongly encourage customer participation during this stage to ensure the pool will be located where you had envisioned. When you are satisfied that everything is to your liking, we bring in the heavy equipment and begin digging. We use a large track excavator and finish with skillful hand trimming. Usually, it takes only one working day to complete the excavation of your pool and to remove the dirt from your back yard. Our excavation crew is amazing! You will enjoy watching the beginning transformation of your backyard.

After the pool has been dug, our steel crew will begin placing steel reinforcing rods contoured inside the excavated hole. This is the skeletal reinforcement cage for the gunite shell. Additional reinforcement is tied in the stress areas of the pool. Spacers are placed beneath the cage to hold the steel above the soil. Half inch steel is tied throughout the bond beam of the pool. This steel cage serves as the framework for your pool and gives the pool high structural integrity. Normally this is a one day process.

Before the gunite process, we install all the plumbing and electrical bonding components. We use only high quality NSF approved Schedule 40 pvc pipe designed to prevent deterioration and leakage. The plumbing system is designed and sized to maximize your water turnover. This is a critical element in a low maintenance pool. We keep the plumbing system under pressure throughout the project to insure there are no leaks or issues. The structural steel is then electrically bonded per state and city codes. We will schedule any necessary municipal inspections. This is normally a one day process.

This is a great day to take off of work if you haven’t been sick in a while. The gunite crew will come and spray the concrete of your pool with what looks like a fire hose. Watch as your pool takes shape right before your eyes. This is a one day process.

Gunite is a specialty concrete product that is pneumatically installed. We shoot dry gunite, which is a mixture of sand, cement and water. This is pneumatically applied by means of a gun, or customized hose, which is operated by compressed air. The water is added to the dry materials as they pass through the gun. This is shot directly on to the virgin earth bonding tightly around the steel rods creating a monolithic structure for a swimming pool of superior strength.

The crew, prior to shooting the gunite, will take measures to protect your home and surrounding areas from any airborne debris. 24 hours after the gunite has been installed , we will ask you to assist in the curing process by applying water to your structure 2 to 3 times daily for the next 10 days. This allows the outer surface areas of the gunite to cure at a rate more consistent with the inner part or center. Allow for 7 to 10 days curing time before tile and coping can be applied.


The beauty of your pool begins to emerge when our skilled stone and tile masons apply the natural stone or brick around the top of the bond beam of the swimming pool and spa.

Then the tile of your choice is installed around the inside perimeter of the pool. If you have purchased a rock waterfall or other types of rock features, the mason will build these beautiful creations to enhance the beauty of your pool and make your backyard a haven of tranquility.

There are a variety of surfaces available for the decking that frames your pool. Choices range from standard concrete finishes such as washed aggregate, broom finish or salt finish or Sundek overlays to custom stone or stamped concrete. At this stage we also create any features included in your design such as outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, slides, fountains, outdoor kitchens and more.

Your pool equipment will then be delivered and set up, allowing the electrician to do his job. Our crews will clean up any mess and debris and rough grade the area around the pool deck.

Finally, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and your swimming pool is almost complete. The application of the interior finish of your pool is the final stage of construction. There are many plaster finishes and colors to choose from ranging from white plaster to upgrade pebble finishes. This process may take one or two days depending on the type you choose. When the plaster crew has completed this application, immediately after exiting your pool, using your garden hose they will start filling the pool with water. Plaster cures under water so to avoid unwanted imprints or damage to the finish, it is important to allow the pool to fill completely (to the middle of the tile line) before entering the pool. The average time it takes to fill a pool is approximately twenty four hours.

We will set up a time that is convenient for you to do a one on one “start-up”. We will take this time to explain to you how to operate and care for your beautiful new Crystal Clear Pool. We will thoroughly explain and demonstrate all of your controls and equipment operations, water chemistry, pool care and answer any questions.

Congratulations on your beautiful new swimming pool. Now let’s go swimming!!!

And that’s not all . . . .
You will receive a month of Crystal Clear Poolcare on us! Our professional pool care manager will visit once weekly for four weeks providing our Total Poolcare service. This is our weekly service of cleaning and checkpoint maintenance and an opportunity to ask questions and refresh your comfort zone operating your new pool. And of course, we are as close as your phone and walkthroughs and refreshers are always available.

As the Hayward Select Builder and Hayward Warranty Center for Central Texas, any service needs are just a phone call away. You can always count on Crystal Clear Pools for all of your swimming pool needs for years to come.