Linda Smith

We love our Crystal Clear Pool! After having several companies came out to give us bids we decided to go with Crystal Clear Pools. Lindsay came out and really took the time to go through everything with us. We had never built or owned a pool before. Out of all the companies we met with she was the most prepared and informative. When she left we just knew this was the company we wanted to go with.

Once we started the building process we got to meet the rest of the fam! Mike, Judy and Adam where all great! The construction process went smoothly despite the fact that 6 weeks feels like 6 months when its 90 degrees outside but Lindsay and the rest of the crew kept me well informed as each phase took place and before we knew it we were swimming in our new pool.

I will say this as an anxious customer trying to patiently wait on a finished product there was never a time even after hours or on the weekends that I texted or called Lindsay and she didn’t respond (I was one of those customers). If I was doubting some of my decisions she was always there to reassure me or to explain the pros and cons. I didn’t really want to spend additional money on extra decking but as we talked about it more she convinced me I would have no regrets and I DON’T…..the only regret I would of had was not listening to their suggestions.

I was very indecisive on plaster colors and she found me several pools in my area that they had built to go look at to help me make up my mind. As I went to look at pools I met some of their other pool customers that where just as happy with them as I was. I think that says a lot!

Overall, our pool is beautiful and our experience with Crystal Clear Pools has been great! Even after the pool was installed if I needed help with chemicals or how to work something Adam has always walked me through everything and their 4 weeks of maintenance after the construction was complete is so helpful especially if you have never owned a pool before.

We now have our pool on bi-weekly maintenance with them which works well with my husband and my busy schedules. I love the fact we can stay with the same company for all of our needs and they have had wonderful service after the sale which to me is most important!

Thank you again Crystal Clear Pools for making this experience a great one! We will enjoy our pool for many years to come!

Linda Smith